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   Among Khaled's most recent solo-produced records is Arewas "Type of Girl" and her hit single "Standards". He is accredited as co-engineer on Garland Jeffreys' latest album "14 Steps to Harlem". Khaled has worked closely with Grammy-nominated, multi-Juno award-winner Roman Klun, Aaron Comes of Spin Doctors, 24/7 Spyz, as well as other active executives and artists/producers. 
    Khaled's creativity, dedication and professional experience with a wide range of genres is what sets him apart. His music encompasses the best of many different styles and has been described as "eclectic, refreshing---a style you need to experience yourself." 
        Khaled Jean is a graduate of the Crane school of music at SUNY Potsdam. He is a NYC-based record producer, audio engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. praised for his relentless energy in the studio and passion for creativity, Khaled has made a name for himself as a premier record producer. He is a mastermind in the control room. 
     Born in the heart of Brooklyn, educated in upstate New York, Khaled earned a BA in Music Business concentrating in classical saxophone. Currently, he is creating records in collaboration with diverse artists, both well established and upcoming talents. 
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